What people are saying about the 8 Week Training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

“Before this training, I could barely leave my house. Now I feel close to 100% myself again.” -Anonymous.

The training “Exceeded expectations. I liked the guidance, informality and detailed explanations.” -Anonymous

“I feel a sense of inner calmness that was not present 8 weeks ago. Non-judging self and letting go is a freeing experience. My focus on the breath can be my ‘go to’ tool.” -Anonymous

“There was no pressure in taking this course. 8 weeks of Mindfulness has benefitted me by reducing stress, anger, anxiety and replacing it with acceptance and more peace in my life.” -Anonymous

“I just really learned a lot and enjoyed the experience fully. I plan to continue my practice.” -Anonymous

“Overall, a great experience.” -Anonymous

"In a busy chaotic hectic world, it was valuable to learn how to focus your mind and quiet the anxieties of day to day existence. I view the course as survival training for the modern world. Think of it as 'whole foods' for your mind." -Peter D. Calder

"The book, the discussions and the CD's were all excellent. I appreciated the medical background explanations in the book and the choices for meditation on the CD's was wide-ranging. Everyone will find something that will be helpful to them in this course." -Sharon

"Thank you. The class opened up additional avenues to be mindful- the variety of meditation practices are equipment to satisfy the need for a resting mind. The atmosphere of the class is pleasant, comfortable and welcoming." -Marcie